The art of the detail

Great rooms require great room acoustics. Our FineMicro perforation creates the best acoustic conditions. The crucial factors are sound absorption and reduction of the reverberation time. And the clever part is that the performance is invisible. This room acoustic solution is in demand far beyond the Swiss borders when just the right tone in a room becomes a focal theme. The result is outstanding sound and room solutions.

A minimal component for maximum room acoustic effect

The secret of this art lies in a minimal but highly effective part. The sound absorber. It is characterised by a tiny, open area. The minimal perforation is visible only from extremely close range. Unless you are very close, the visual impression is that of a smooth surface structure.

Elegant withdrawal of the sound absorber

The sound absorber as a key acoustic element steps elegantly into the background. Here it is again - the invisible room performance. The FineMicro perforation is also capable of projection. This offers the best prerequisites for projector presentations. Even cameras and video cameras cannot detect the FineMicro perforation.

Subtle impression, perfect expression

We perfect the acoustic qualities for a perfect expression. It is simply a fact that a good room also lives from its visual impression and its harmonious contents. The two-dimensional effect of FineMicro perforation is very popular among creative planners and designers. Why? Because the special surface structure is fascinating.

Scope for flexible applications

The version with double-sided FineMicro perforation further expands the scope for flexible applications. Think of partitions. Or of cabinetry elements such as corpuses, cabinet fronts, door panels and rear panels. Acoustic space is a broad field. Therefore, our FineMicro materials are available in various surfaces, materials and colours.