The MAKUSTIK brand as a room acoustic quality mark

MAKUSTIK is a registered and independent brand of Akustik & Raum AG. The brand is a quality seal for high standard room acoustic products and solutions, which we implement in sound absorption applications for renowned customers, both at home and abroad.

The best possible sound

It is truly incredible how architects and planners reinvent rooms for a variety of purposes time and time again. Wherever room acoustics impact on our well-being and concentration, MAKUSTIK contributes to required solutions with its specific features.

Acoustics in special rooms

Every room is special and is designed and furnished by architects and builders with its very specific purpose in mind. If required, a successful room design also allows for one or more changes of use. Acoustic measures are primarily geared towards the use of the rooms. The acoustic measures with the MAKUSTIK quality label are primarily geared towards the use of the rooms. The more communication will take place in a room and the more people will use it, the more likely it is that just the right tone in the room becomes a focal theme.

Allowing for job profiles

Of course, this rule regarding communication and number of persons also includes an evaluation of the activities of the people in the rooms. During challenging tasks requiring full concentration and in the event of simultaneous communication, just two people is enough to disturb each other. With our MAKUSTIK solutions we create the conditions for optimal communication.

Unlimited room solutions

There are almost no limits to our acoustic room solutions. We can offer ideal solutions with many materials and surfaces and in all fire classes. This includes ceiling, wall, cupboard, shape and furniture elements with different absorption values. Our  aesthetically and acoustically immaculate sound absorbers have proven particularly suitable. They are used for numerous types of room applications.