Room acoustics, offices

Sound insulation is an important and central challenge in group and open-plan offices. Its effect is most evident with individually designed room acoustic solutions.

Acoustics in offices

The level of sound generated by speech in the form of team and telephone conversations is going to increase even more in the future. Without sound-absorbing measures and optimum room acoustic solutions in the rooms, office work becomes cumbersome and inefficient.

Impeccable acoustic working conditions

Ceilings and walls lend themselves to acoustic solutions, not least for room flexibility reasons. Ceiling canopies, baffles and lamp enclosures are possible alternative solutions to acoustic ceilings.

Sensible additions

Sound-absorbing cabinet fronts, room dividers and furniture elements are often used to supplement ceilings and walls. For safety reasons, open-plan offices require staircases, elevator and installation shafts. Sound-absorbing all-around panelling is the best solution for acoustically perfect conditions.