Sound insulation safety and after-sales customer service

Our high-quality room acoustic products are manufactured from natural materials. They guarantee that sound insulation absorbers can remain acoustically effective even after decades. We continue to be your reliable sound insulation partner during each phase, after delivery, installation or project completion.

Identical room acoustic products in subsequent deliveries

For subsequent deliveries we will be able to produce and deliver identical room acoustic products in a very short space of time. In case of elaborate subsequent deliveries you can count on being able to order even very small quantities (without minimum order quantities with the exception of special surface decorations), which contrasts with standard procedures in the industry. We store parts lists, drawings, operational plans as well as design samples for many years.

Long-term sound insulation quality guarantee

We fulfil the high quality expectations our customers place on our room acoustic products even after the purchase. Our expertise, technical capabilities and willingness to help are guaranteed. Should you decide to implement changes or optimisations (use of space, ceiling or wall extensions, etc.), we will carry these out in accordance with the latest status of our developments and products.

Guaranteed room acoustic support at all times

If you require support with cleaning or revitalisation works in order to avoid affecting the acoustic effect, we will be happy to assist you with help and advice.

Room acoustic partner after the sale. Subsequent deliveries in the shortest possible time. Sound insulation support for optimisation, cleaning or revitalisation work.