Room acoustics, hospitals and healthcare facilities

Hospitals, clinics, medical practices or nursing and care homes can be designed very differently. But the room acoustic and sound insulation requirements are characterised by hygiene and quiescence.

Room acoustics for confidentiality

Conversations between patients, doctors and nursing staff are often strictly confidential. Another reason for the challenging acoustic requirements. The FineMicro products of the MAKUSTIK brand meet the requirements in the best way possible. 

Sound-absorbing and hygienic solutions

FineMicro products that are fully acoustically effective without the aid of fibres, simply through friction in tiny holes, are the best solution for these purposes. The micro-perforated ceiling and wall elements mean dust and dirt don't stand a chance. The highly absorbing FineMicro elements are perfectly suitable for ensuring privacy in a secure atmosphere. In this field Akustik & Raum AG has earned itself an outstanding reputation.