Room acoustics, airports and railway stations

In airport and railway station concourses, the two megatrends "mobility and communication" come together in an extreme way. For this reason the sound and noise insulation assumes a central function for room acoustics in airports and railway stations.

High acoustic challenge

Because large crowds gather there, a particular focus needs to be on safety and especially fire risk. One of the main and greatest acoustic challenges is to take the material-specific requirements into consideration, as these already reveal their effect in very small details.

All sound absorber elements

are inserted into non-combustible materials. They are no longer just A2 base materials, but a new type of certified A2 elements in integrated form. Ceiling canopies and rear panels are particularly suitable for tall halls. In corridors, ceilings and walls can be equipped with sound absorbers. For the many room-within-a-room solutions (meeting, meals and shopping), A2 sound absorbers in integrated form are a must.