Goal-oriented room acoustic processes

Early on and in parallel to the planning phase, we prepare for the production and CNC programming with the corresponding use of tools. It's about time. It's about cost optimisation. It's about speedy realisation. We provide room acoustic design samples early on, and these are used as specifications for subsequent supply and a balanced room acoustic solution.

Cost and acoustic innovation benefits

The room acoustic key processes that we require for the production of absorbers only take place in-house at our facilities. By continually optimising our acoustic processes, we are able to pass cost and innovation advantages on to you as our customer. As is to be expected, quality is our top priority. We implement it systematically, from raw material checks right through to delivery for our room acoustic solutions.

Always up to date

Thanks to our order monitoring system, you are aware of your project's status at any time. The acoustic elements are produced precisely as planned and individually numbered according to the customer's specifications. Quality and quantities are checked by our production team. At this point, the installation process on the customer's site is already anticipated.

Impeccable forwarding

As a matter of course, stacking, immaculate packaging and corresponding installation information are considered part of our service to the customer. We provide the shipping company with detailed instructions regarding delivery and point of contact as well as transport instructions. All this to provide your ideal room acoustic solution.

CNC programming and use of tools. Sound absorber design samples. Key processes in-house. Room acoustic quality controls. Order monitoring. Packaging, delivery and installation aids.