Developing a convincing room acoustic solution together

Lightness, stability, non-flammability, easy installation. These and other specialist technical criteria play a crucial role for our room acoustic solutions. The choice of materials is another decisive factor for effective sound insulation. We pass on our room acoustic and sound insulation know-how.

Take advantage of the expertise of our room acoustic consultants. You will also benefit from our close cooperation with renowned building physicists and institutes. The findings of this sound insulation development partnership influence our solutions, and we pass them on to you as our customer.

Comprehensible and solution-focused consulting

Our customers (architects, acousticians and installers) expect us to offer solution-focused room acoustic consulting – even in the early project stages. This is at the core of our consulting service, which links the various phases and takes an integral approach to leading everyone involved to a compelling room acoustic solution. Our customer consultants support you with tender specifications, installation aids and concerns_ for which you require support.

State-of-the-art sound insulation information

We provide information about current and new products using brochures, technical information, newsletters and sample boxes.

Solution-based room acoustic consulting Technical sound insulation information. Support for tender quotations. Room acoustic installation assistance.