Innovations - 16.09.2022

Combining room acoustics and safety

Akustik & Raum AG presents FeinMicro Secure, a fire protection innovation developed in-house. This composite fire protection solution sets new standards and opens up new possibilities for wood as a building material – without compromising on safety. 

Wood is a popular building material. It radiates warmth and is a sustainable material with very versatile properties. Until now, stringent fire protection regulations have made it difficult to implement building projects where wood was the preferred material for aesthetic and ecological reasons. For these projects, the FeinMicro Secure innovation developed by Akustik & Raum will offer exciting new possibilities in the future – without compromising on safety. 

Wood is now as versatile as your building projects

As a composite fire protection solution, FeinMicro Secure allows new design latitude. Due to the fulfilment of the strictest EU standards (EN 13501-1, A2 – s1, d0), wood can be used safely as a building material as never before. For planners, architects, clients and consumers, this means that wood is now as versatile as their building projects. This allows sensitive areas of buildings, such as escape routes, to be integrated seamlessly into the architecture. 

Experience room acoustics in a new way – with safety

In addition to its excellent fire protection properties, FeinMicro Secure offers unique sound absorption thanks to its eponymous micro-perforations – with 467,000 holes per square metre. This makes the latest product within the MAKUSTIK system ideal for improving room acoustics in small and large rooms, while meeting a wide range of requirements in terms of material and aesthetics. Contact us to find out more about innovative FeinMicro Secure fire protection and to experience room acoustics in a new way – with safety.

Find out more about FeinMicro Secure and read the interview with fire protection specialist Marcel Lutz from Gantenbein + Partner AG in St. Gallen.