Knowledge - 24.05.2022

Reverberation time and room acoustics

With the unique MAKUSTIK system, we offer innovative solutions for even the most demanding requirements for room acoustics. With our products FeinMikro |FM, Perfo | PE and Linea | LI, we can flexibly meet a wealth of acoustics-related needs. Our acoustics technologies will vastly improve the reverberation time in your premises. What was that about reverberation time? 

How reverberation time arises

Sounds move in sound waves – whether it’s the clang of dishes, loud music, construction noises or a whisper. As soon as the sound waves reach our ears, they cause our eardrums to vibrate. This then leads to impulses that are processed as sound in our brain. Our ear absorbs and processes the sound waves, so these absorbed sound waves don’t cause reverberation. It’s different for the sound waves that don’t find their way into the ear, however: if the room is not equipped with an acoustic solution, we can hear a restless sort of sound that subsides only slowly. 

The perfect reverberation time for your room acoustics

The period of time between the silencing of a sound source, i.e. the origin of the sound waves, to the reduction of the reverberation to a defined fraction of the initial value is known as the reverberation time. In a nutshell, a reverberation time of four seconds means that the sound can still be perceived for four seconds. Depending on the room and requirements, these four seconds may feel annoying. It should be noted that the requirements for the room acoustics, i.e. relating to the reverberation time, may be very different depending on the purpose of the room. An airport hall has different requirements to a music school or a library, which is exactly where our MAKUSTIK panels come into play. Thanks to our in-house planning and production of the panels, we offer tailored absorption values for the most demanding requirements. 

Experience room acoustics like never before

We know exactly which absorption values meet the different requirements for room acoustics. Our innovative MAKUSTIK system offers solutions for all room sizes and takes special material and aesthetic requirements into account. Experience room acoustics like never before and discover our MAKUSTIK products. Contact us to find out more about our unparalleled room acoustics solutions.