Knowledge - 02.06.2022

Room acoustics and well-being

You’ve likely experienced it before: Saturday evening, in a good mood, you are out with friends and everything is set up for a wonderful evening. However, for some reason, you simply don’t feel comfortable. Is this down to your exhausting work week? Are you coming down with a cold? Or is the music too loud? This may, but needn’t, be possible. Poor room acoustics are often to blame for discomfort. 

Sound absorption and well-being

Not all noise is the same – for many, concerts in sold-out halls can be unforgettable highlights, even if the music is far louder than in a bar, for example. The difference is that in a small, cosy bar, the room acoustics must meet very different requirements than those in a massive concert hall. This is because the noise generates sound waves – and there are many of these in a busy restaurant – which cause considerable reverberation without the appropriate sound absorption. Not only is this annoying and irritating, it also causes us to raise our voices, leading to even louder background noise. It’s a vicious cycle that often leads to headaches, tiredness and discomfort. 

Our individual solutions

Our innovative MAKUSTIK system offers a wide range of solutions for the room acoustics of many types of spaces which meet the highest standards with regard to aesthetics and fire protection. Thanks to the ultra-fine perforation as well as our in-house planning and production, we can meet the individual needs of each customer and offer tailored absorption values for the respective requirements – whether it’s an airport hall, a music school, your favourite restaurant or private facilities.

Experience room acoustics like never before

The experts at Akustik & Raum AG can provide you with specialist support to meet your room acoustics requirements. Thanks to their wealth of expertise and the in-house production, they can meet special acoustic and aesthetic requirements and implement a tailored solution according to your needs. Experience room acoustics like never before and discover the MAKUSTIK system for unparalleled room acoustics solutions – so your guests will always feel comfortable at your private or public premises.